5 Essential Actions for a Successful Fundraiser

Categories: Silent Auction

#1 Timeline: The first step in planning an event is to get a reasonable timeline established. This is your roadmap for the process from start to finish. Ideally, it will be detailed and will help you determine who needs to do what, how many volunteers will be required and basically what needs to be accomplished when.

#2 Theme:  The theme of your event may attract the right people even more than the actual cause. Catchy, fun names for the event will help you establish the guests you are attempting to target. The theme gives people an idea of what kind of event you are presenting and can be the biggest element in regard to attracting the right people, obviously people with a desire to have fun and spend some money.

#3 Marketing your Event: The number of guests you attract has everything to do with how well the event has been marketed. It is essential that your non-profit convinces their supporters and others that the event is worth their time and money.   Getting the word out can be achieved by mailed invitations, direct mail and phone banks. But don’t forget the biggest tool in marketing is social media. If your event is not on several social media platforms, you are missing out on a relatively inexpensive way to create a “buzz” and attract the right people.

#4 Silent & Live Auctions/raffles: The higher the cost “per plate” determines your items for raffle and auctions. Basically, the more people are willing to pay to attend the event, the more they will be willing to spend on your auction items. Keep it classy, so many non-profit foundations fall into the trap of thinking all auctioned or raffled items should be donated. Although some donated items or experiences can be great, be sure to offer some high quality, pop, rock and sports memorabilia from a trusted consignment dealer. These items work on the emotional buying potential of your guests and offer them and opportunity to buy something they can’t just walk into a store and purchase. Items such as signed guitars, jerseys and collages are always a welcome addition to a silent auction. Gift baskets just don’t cut it anymore.

#5 Say Thank You!: Following up after the event and thanking your patrons is extremely important. Their information (contact and what they donated) should be entered into a CRM software. Not only is it important to thank them, but now you have them in your database and the ability to e-blast them on occasion so you don’t forget them and they don’t forget you!

Socially Funded is prepared to assist your non-profit in the entire process of your event. But most importantly, they do all the work for your silent/live auction. From set up to collecting money to break down, Socially Funded does it all. We work with you to understand your guest’s interests and provide you with authenticated, exciting silent auction items. All you have to do is accept the check at the end of the event!