Five Ways to Run a Successful Silent Auction

Categories: Silent Auction

When planning a fundraiser event, many non-profits create committees, mostly volunteer, to take on the giant task of running a silent auction. Silent auctions have a lot of value for an event.  It gives the attendees something to do especially before being seated for dinner. But there can be some pitfalls and often times the back-breaking work of collecting items falls on the backs of the volunteer committee.

The following are a few tips to raise the most funds for your silent auction:

  1. Know your audience. Choose items that match the interests of the attendees
  2. Price it right. It’s important to have a reasonable minimum bid to get the action going
  3. Be familiar with the authentication of your items. Make sure they know it’s the real deal.
  4. Attractive Displays make a difference. Make sure your tables and easels present the items to look their best.
  5. Call Socially Funded!

By using Socially Funded, you will achieve the tips above and not have to lift a finger! We do it all from set up to break down. All the fundraising committee has to do is accept a check for 100% of funds raised over the minimum bid plus 20 to 25% of the minimum bid if that’s what the item sold for.

Socially Funded knows what your attendees want in regard to sports memorabilia, Rock and pop as well as patriotic items jewelry and more. We know how to get top dollar for your silent auction with absolutely no work on your part.

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