New Ways to Raise Funds with Socially Funded

Categories: Silent Auction

In this ever-changing world of creative fundraising, we, at Socially Funded, are always looking for new ways to help your organization raise more money. One way is to let Socially Funded do it all for you by participating in popular festivals on your behalf. Basically, that means we can have a presence for your non-profit at these events and do all the work for you.


Picture a well-attended Fall Festival in the DC, Tampa or Sarasota area. Socially Funded will set up a display with your charity’s signage and information while selling our high-quality sports, entertainment and Americana memorabilia. We virtually do all the work, your foundation receives 100% over the minimum bid!


This is truly a win-win, as you receive the benefits of awareness for your cause at a populated event, and raise funds at the same time. And you don’t even have to attend!


Socially Funded has had great success with this concept particularly if there is a VIP section of the event where more discerning guests can be delighted with our unique items. Give us a call today and let’s talk about thinking outside the box with easy ways to help your organization get more recognition and raise more money.