Silent Auction Myths

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Myth #1

The best way to make the most money from a silent auction is to use donated items only.

False! Variety is the key to a successful event. A blended event means you may have donated items such as gift baskets, entertainment tickets or travel experiences procured by your silent auction committee as well as hiring a professional outfit in sports and entertainment memorabilia. By hiring a professional to blend with your donated items, you will not only raise more money, you will have interesting conversation pieces to add to the enjoyment of your guests.


Myth #2

Fewer items equal more money.

False! In rare cases, this may be true and you don’t want 150 items for 150 guests. However, limiting the quality items limits your fundraising. If your goal is to raise the most money, you are missing the boat by limiting the amount of items displayed.


Myth #3

Your guests want to be sure that every dollar spent on a silent auction goes back to the charity.

False! The reality is that your guests will have no problem paying for an item that is not 100% donated especially if it’s a quality item they desire that would never be donated in the first place due to its high value.


Myth #4

The non-profit will receive fewer donations if the guests spend their money on silent auction items.

False! Your donors will normally have a set amount that they choose to donate each year. Buying an item in a silent auction such as custom framed pieces, signed jerseys etc. does not compete with their annual gifting. It’s a win-win actually, your donors purchase a special item that can’t just be bought anywhere and they donate even more money to the cause by doing so.


Myth #5

A professional memorabilia silent auction company’s items will compete with your donated items.

False! Again the key word here is variety. The quality, authentic items provided by a professional silent auction company is a compliment to your donated items. And remember, most of these items will never be donated no matter how good your silent auction committee may be!

Myth #6

Your event manager will have to do a lot of the legwork even if they use a professional silent auction company.

Once again, False! While this may be true for many operations, Socially Funded does it all! From helping your non-profit select items to fit the demographics of the guests to setting up the display, manning the display and breaking it down; Socially Funded is unique in making it a no-brainer. All the non-profit has to do is accept the check for money raised by Socially Funded at the end of the evening!

If you are a non-profit event planner in Tampa, Sarasota, Naples or the D.C. area and you are looking for the finest auction items with absolutely no work on your part, give Socially Funded a call today!

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